Success Stories

Building the Leader Within

GanoLife attracts talented and driven people from all walks of life who recognize the life-changing opportunity that is available. We are thrilled to recognize these people for their achievements and for the thousands of people they inspire through their efforts and mentorship. These men and women are truly the leaders that make GanoLife.

  • Robert Hollis Double Crown Diamond

    Whoever thought a mechanic for an auto racing team would become one of the most engaging people in network marketing never really knew the drive behind Robert Hollis Sr. Beginning in this business 25 years ago after what could be considered a disabling work-related industry, Robert studied, learned and became a multi-millionaire, and mentor to 44 millionaires. Robert's book "How is That Working?" recently topped the charts as a best-selling business title.

  • David Gonzalez Double Crown Diamond

    David grew up knowing that if you work hard and got good grades you would go very far in life; until a company he worked for only gave him a thank you and small reward for creating a computer program worth millions. A change in life had to be made. After attending his first network marketing meeting, he saw people with less education and training making more than he was. That did it! He learned the business, helped people improve their lives, became a dynamic leader and found success.

  • Llecenia Robles Double Crown Diamond

    Llecenia came to the US as an immigrant from Mexico with nothing but hope to live the American Dream. Poor and unskilled, she got a job as a waitress with low wages, yet continued with her hope even through the challenging conditions of her work place. Upon coming into network marketing, she found her voice to share with others and, of course, success with more than a million dollars earned. Llecenia is passionate speaker and a mentor to the hundreds she's helping create a lasting legacy.

  • Freddie Aguirre Double Crown Diamond

    Originally from Guatemala, Freddie took quickly to personal development and found his calling in Network Marketing. He has since grown a group of 400k people in 7 countries. Freddie's stoic leadership has advanced him again & again in this business.

  • Alma Zaragoza Crown Diamond

    As a woman grounded deeply in her faith, Alma has sought to inspire and educate thousands on how they can build a legacy for themselves and their families. Through integrity and incredible work ethic Alma has developed leadership through and through.

  • Alberto Martinez Crown Diamond

    A Mexico native that built a traditional career here in the USA, only to discover it's limits. Alberto has since developed several successful organizations worldwide & actively teaches others to do the same through his simple approach.