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Historical Timeline

GanoLife is On The Move

As you might have heard, "Documentation Beats Conversation"... Here at GanoLife, our success can be documented in the milestones we've achieved, and in record time. There's no doubt that as you explore and become engaged with the world of GanoLife, you'll undoubtedly see that we're a company on the move!

Relive Our Legacy: A Historical Perspective

March 2014

Essentials Pack Marketing System Launched

Affiliates were thrilled to experience an all-new way of sampling the product to remote prospects with the Essentials Pack Marketing System(EPMS). This system allows for affiliates to easily facilitate the ship-out by GanoLife of sampler packs to their prospects making their marketing efforts tremendously more simple.

Leads Capture Marketing Sites Available

In the world of online marketing and social media marketing, this new tool was a powerful addition to an already loaded toolset for affiliates. A simple leads capture page collects the desire for prospects to sample GanoLife products. The affiliate receives the request and can fulfill the sample request per their liking.

February 2014

FIT365 Weight-Management System Launched

In February, GanoLife launched a new system for its affiliates and prospects called FIT365. The system allows for affiliates to directly market GanoLife's unique blend of weight-management products through impressive marketing tools. Additionally, a new FIT365 Promoter Bonus program was introduced that provides direct and residual commissions to promoters.

GanoLife University - Winter 2014 Semester

The Winter 2014 Semester of GanoLife University featured unique new content geared directly at Tactical Training. The University attendees learned first-hand how to effectively build this business and avoid some of the common pitfalls that many affiliates fall subject to.

January 2014

New Product: Colombian Supremo Introduced

At the turn of the year, GanoLife was proud to introduce its answer to the millions of coffee drinkers that want to brew their morning cup. The Colombian Supremo ground coffee is the first of its kind to be enriched with Ganoderma Lucidum and be available for brewing in a percolator. GanoLife promised that this product would be a new paradigm in the world of enriched coffees.

Retail Web Tools Launched

In mid-January, GanoLife rolled-out a brand new Retail Web Site option for its affiliates. The new sites are world-class in design and functionality and provide yet another tool for affiliates that choose to build their business through retail sales.

November 2013

Pacesetters Event - Las Vegas, NV

Hosted under the bright lights of Las Vegas, hundreds of new achievers reaching the rank of Triple Platinum traveled to learn how to grow towards Diamond. GanoLife's best of the best united to provide this invaluable training and social experience.

Diamond Club Trip - Hawaii

Qualified Diamonds took an all-expenses paid trip to the luxurious beaches of Hawaii for a week-long trip of pure enjoyment. This Diamond Club trip marked the first of many excursions GanoLife has promised to qualified Diamonds as part of the Diamond Club 365!

October 2013

New Product: Red Rooibos Tea

By popular demand, GanoLife launched its Red Rooibos tea product at the fittingly-named "Red" event in Ontario, California. The product launch was an enormous success as affiliates enjoyed another remarkable product in the extensive lineup of Coffeehouse Favorites that make GanoLife so unique.

RPM Luxury Car Program Announced

To reward the movers and shakers of GanoLife, the RPM Luxury Car Program was announced at a premiere event in Ontario, California. The RPM Program caused a huge stir of excitement as attendees learned the program was available starting at the rank of Platinum which made it extremely attainable to a larger body of qualifiers.

EXTRALife Customer Rewards Introduced

To reward its affiliates and customers, GanoLife launched a new loyalty program that incentivizes participants with free product for their patronage. Even for the straight product-consumers, the program gives tremendous value to those on autoship.

August 2013

GanoLIVE Broadcasting Network Goes LIVE!

In the age of video and streaming broadcasts to smart phones and computers, GanoLife responded with the introduction of its GanoLIVE platform. The high-tech broadcasting system was acquired as a way to extend its reach to affiliates all across the globe with real-time news, events, and trainings for people building the business.

New Product: Green Coffee Bean Extract Introduced

As featured on several popular health-focused TV programs, GanoLife introduced its new Green Coffee Bean Extract product. As with all of GanoLife's superior products, the Green Coffee Bean Extract has been enriched with Ganoderma Lucidum providing a robust weight-loss and whole body wellness solution.

July 2013

New Product: Vie Shampoo & Conditioner

The documented benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum set it apart as the modern-day answer to so many skin and health conditions. The Vie line of shampoo and conditioner was released by GanoLife to debut the first of many health & beauty products currently in R&D by the company.

GanoLife University - Summer 2013 Semester

The inagural semester of GanoLife University attracted affiliates from all the 10 countries that GanoLife has expanded. The event was truly unique in featuring "character-based" lessons that helped attendees realize their inner potential and the potential of their GanoLife businesses.

April 2013

Pacesetters Club Event - Las Vegas, NV

Reaching Triple Diamond in the short few months since GanoLife had been born meant a special trip to Las Vegas for the launch of the Pacesetters Club. Packed with socialization and world-class training, the event proved to be the catalyst to additional growth for GanoLife in the USA, Canada, and Mexico in the subsequent months.

March 2013

Official USA/Canada/Mexico Launch

GanoLife had been birthed just a few months prior out of Lima Peru, and March 23, 2013 marked the official opening of GanoLife in the North American Market. Executives, leaders, and affiliates assembled in Southern California to celebrate the official launch of this new company.

New Product: Caramel, Hazelnut, & Vanilla Cappuccino Introduced

Three new cappuccio products were launched by GanoLife that set the stage for a company that will be known for its keen sense of product innovation. These coffeehouse favorites rival the most gourmet coffee flavors on the market... and they've been enriched with the amazing Ganoderma Lucidum.

New Product: Ganoderma 365, Cordyceps, Inmunalife Introduced

With licensing approved for distribution in the USA, GanoLife rolled-out their powerful line of supplements. Ganoderma 365, Cordyceps, and Inmunalife were made availble for sale and consumption in the North American market with rave reviews that followed.

New Product: Black Coffee, Latte, Mocha, & Chocolatte Introduced

GanoLife introduced its signature products to the North American Market that had garnered a substantial amount of praise in the Latin markets that had been carrying these products for the last several months. Black coffee, Latte, Mocca, and Chocolatte setup an impressive line of products that would become the staples for affiliates building their business.

October 2012

Company Launch - Lima Peru

Born out of necessity, GanoLife International announced its entrance into the world of "healthier coffee" and network marketing. President Christopher Tidwell welcomed international attendees into the world of GanoLife at this spectacular event.