Tools / Resources

Staying Empowered & Connected

When you choose to go into business for yourself with GanoLife, you'll never be by yourself. This is the commitment we make to you as our partners! We offer a myriad of tools and resources that will always keep you on top of your business and growing.

Web Marketing Tools

At this very moment, you are experiencing the very power of GanoLife's web marketing tools! Yes... right this minute! The site you are viewing is just one of the many marketing tools that GanoLife empowers its affiliates with. The person that referred you to this site is leveraging a wealth of online options for sharing and growing their business with us. What's super-cool is the fact that GanoLife provides this sort of tools to you for free with your affiliation along with a host of other marketing sites you will have instant access to!

  • Affiliate Sites: Use these to prospect new team members such as yourself.
  • Retail Sites: Sell GanoLife's amazing products at retail prices to generate instant money.
  • Leads Capture Sites: Savvy online and social media marketers use these to generate leads and grow.
  • FIT365 Sites: Become a FIT365 Program promoter and help others achieve their weight goals and you earn!

Product Sampling Made Easy

There's a pretty good chance that GanoLife's yummy coffee and amazing products are what attracted you. You're definitely not alone as our products are undoubtedly the best of their kind. For this reason, we've created an innovative way for you to easily share these products with friends, family, and prospects. Our recently launched Essentials Pack Marketing System (EPMS) allows you to easily send our popular "Essentials Packs" containing a sampling of favorite products to any recipient you desire. You setup who you want to receive these products and we do the rest.

  • Rapid Fulfillment: The work of shipping your samples is handled by our world-class logistics team.
  • Economically Priced: At a fraction of the price it'd take you to mail these sampler packs out, you can leverage EPMS.
  • No-Brainer Follow-up: Never worry about forgetting to follow-up with your recipients as our system sends email reminders to follow-up.

Virtual Office System

Keeping tabs on every dimension of your business is a cinch with GanoLife's premiere "Virtual Office" System. This state-of-the-art web system allows you instant access to your business from any connected device (phone, laptop, computer) so you can track sales, growth, qualifications, and team development. Our Virtual Office is part of your affiliation with GanoLife and puts you light-years ahead of the game with its wealth of reporting and automation tools.

  • Qualification Estimator: This one-of-a-kind report gives you near real-time updates on your qualification goals and coaches you on what you need to do to reach that next tier.
  • RPM Bonus Tracker: If you're among the thousands of affiliates looking to drive a luxury car at our expense, this tool allows you to see very clearly what you need to achieve to make that a reality.
  • Team Reports: As your team grows, you'll be able to quickly and easily see its development and where you need to focus your efforts to push to new heights.

Company & Team Communications

Staying connected to the rapidly moving world of GanoLife is simplified through our numerous modes of communications. Both corporate communications and communications through your teams are essential to realizing your goals. We've created a number of communications tools that allow you to actively and passively stay informed and motivated towards your full potential.

  • E-Mail Newsletter: GanoLife keeps you connected via e-mail with our frequent mail blasts. We aim to always keep our communications brief and pointed to aide you in the business.
  • GanoLIVE: A substantial investment has been made into a high-tech live broadcasting platform that allows us to stream live content to your computer or phone. News, training, events, and many other programs are featured on GanoLIVE.
  • Text Messaging (SMS): We leverage a powerful SMS system that allows us to "push" time-critical information to affiliates via Text Message. When you need to know something, we'll make sure you do!
  • Mobile Apps: GanoLife has its own suite of mobile applications you can install on your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices that keep you connected to us and to your team.


As you progress in your business, you'll start to discover tools and resources you wish you had. You might just start developing some on your own until you explore our huge repository of support tools we have at our GanoLifeSupport site. Presentations, product sheets, business forms, and training are just a few of the many things we've loaded the site with. We aim to make this business as easy and duplicatable for you as possible.

  • Presentations: Opportunity, training, and other presentation aides you might want are provided in a number of languages and formats.
  • Videos: Both for you and your prospects, the videos we've loaded-up at our support site make it easier to understand and share information on GanoLife.
  • Forms: Order forms, special request forms, checklists, and other multi-national documents are downloadable for you 24/7.
  • Calendars: Our corporate and team meetings/events are always available for you on our support site calendars.

Social Media Presence

At the time of this writing, GanoLife is rapidly approaching 100,000 social media "fans". You might see this as bragging, but what this means to you in your business is something called "social validation". As you expose your business to interested prospects, they might do a little checking of their own as to who GanoLife is and what people are saying. With thousands of users as our "friends" in social media, your prospects will quickly see the type of company we are... our culture, the people we work with, and that GanoLife is a company on the move with people just like yourself.

  • Facebook: Our Facebook presence is loaded with daily posts, success stories, videos, and commentary from our affiliates.
  • Twitter: As Tweeting isn't just for the birds, we use this medium to push short and relevant information out on a consistent basis.
  • Linkedin: On the more traditional side of business, we maintain an active Linkedin profile for your prospects to explore and leverage.