GanoLife University Training

GanoLife hosts a semi-annual training event we call GanoLife University (GLU). This premier "hands-on" educational program features a unique blend of tactical training and motivation. Graduates of this weekend "university" learn how they can truly make their way to the top with GanoLife!

Education Like You've Never Seen

For many of us, the thought of going back to "school" is something we'd rather avoid. Well, fortunately GanoLife University is not your typical educational program. For starters, it's centered around something you're pretty passionate about... your business. Secondly, the structure of the courses and the instructors make the classwork seem more like entertainment. We like to sometimes think of it as edu-tainment! We hope you're ready to laugh and cry(from laughing so hard) during these edu-tainment courses!

Here's a few other things that make every semester of GLU a staple for those who are serious about building their business.

Truly Tactical Training (T3)

We like to think of "tactical training" as knowledge that is extremely practical and highly applicable. This is information and know-how that you can put into practice almost immediately and see the results. Real-world situations and scenarios are used in explaining the training so that it's very clear how and where you'll leverage the information.

Interactive Demonstrations

Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, we believe the same to be true with training. Seeing the topics and coursework in action, and also being asked to participate individually or in small groups really helps the information gel and become more second-nature for you. When the time comes to recall and use the training, you'll be ready.

Support Materials/Workbook

Because we provide so much valuable content during this weekend seminar, it's likely you'll need to take some good notes. The workbook we provide is not only conducive to great note-taking, but it also provides you with outlines of each course as well as helpful resources and guides you can use to refresh your memory on the content at a later time.

Panel Discussions

Always a popular feature at GLU, our panel discussions provide students with a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the minds of others that have achieved the highest ranks with GanoLife. Our panel discussions touch on some of the more controversial or taboo topics on the industry, giving you the raw and genuine rundown on what it really takes to succeed in the business.

Previous Courses (Winter Semester 2014)

Dominating Scarcity: Creating Time, People, and Money for your Business

All too often people fail in our business because they feel they lack adequate resources to thrive. In this course, several techniques will be demonstrated to clear this perceived lack of time, people, or money. Practical strategies will be shared in how you can maximize the resources you have available as well as create more through working smarter.

In this course we learned about:
  • Introduction to "Leveraging Your Markets" (warm market)
  • Introduction to "People Mining" (cold markets)
  • Different "Modalities" of the business
    • Retail
    • Recruiting
    • Social Media
    • Lead Gen
  • Business Bootstrapping on a Budget - Selling an X1 Demo

Right from the Start : Sprinting From the Blocks and Surviving the Marathon

Though in a business for yourself, you're never by yourself. Understanding the role of your sponsor and assuming the responsibility of your recruits is the best way to launch your business at sprinters' speeds, but having the endurance to survive the marathon ahead. This course will condition you to being a team player and an exceptional individual performer.

In this course we learned about:
  • Getting & Staying Connected
  • Roles & responsibilities of being a "Sponsor"
  • Sharing versus Selling
  • Sorting versus Selling

Leveraging Your Market: Effective Warm Market Tactics

This course focuses on providing a blueprint to steer clear of the "No Friends Left" (NFL) club and instead shifting you to a plentitude of "New Business Associates" (NBA), who are active in helping you build your business. Tapping into your warm market with finesse will maximize the existing relationships you have and share with your recruits for an undoubtable win-win setup.

In this course we learned about:
  • Master Eric Worre's Proven "GoPro 7-Steps to Inviting"
  • Working the Memory Jogger Effectively
  • Building and growing usable prospect lists
  • Warm Market Calling - On-Stage Live Demo
  • Taprooting - On-Stage Live Demo

People Mining: Uncovering Lucrative "Dig Sites" For Cold Market Prospecting

There comes a time in your business where it seems you've depleted your warm market of prospects and must find new dig sites to mine. This course will arm attendees with the right equipment and maps to consistently locate and reveal a wealth of prospects who are excited to join in the excavation efforts ahead. Never again will it seem like you just can't find enough people to build your business.

In this course we learned about:
  • How to "F.O.R.M." everyone you encounter
  • What you're truly selling (product or opportunity) & in what order
  • Cold Market Calling - On-Stage Live Demo
  • 30-Second Elevator Pitches - On-Stage Live Demo
    • In an elevator
    • At the grocery checkout
    • At a dinner party
    • At church

Conquer Meeting Mayhem: Simple Recipes for Profitable Meetings

We've all heard that meetings drive the business. These meetings can be as small as on-on-ones at a Coffee Shop Meetup (CSM) and In-Home Coffee Breaks, or as large as local hotel meetings. This course focuses on the dos and don'ts of these various meeting scenarios that prevent you from ever encountering "meeting mayhem".

In this course we learned about:
  • Inviting 101 - getting people to show up
  • Proper Introduction and Edification as part of the 7-Steps to Successful Presentations
  • Pre-Presentation "" (Hsu style)
  • Coffee Shop Meetups Demonstration - On-Stage Live Skit
  • In-Home Coffee Breaks Demonstration - On-Stage Live Skit

Objection Busters : The Art of Turning "NOs" into "GOs"

Rejection can sting and often feel like the most sour aspect of this business. In this course you will learn that within every "no" there might be several smaller "yeses" that can be used in overcoming objections. These objections may come as early as a first exposure or at the stage when you're hoping to "close" a prospect. Arm yourself with the know-how to tackle rejection and objections at any stage in the game with confidence and success.

In this course we learned about:
  • Overcoming "First Exposure" objections
  • Working past "Post-Presentation" objections
  • Moving from no's to closed - effective closing tactics
  • Objection Buster Mastery - Group participation activity