Pacesetters Club

We at GanoLife strongly believe in the saying... "the speed of the leader is the speed of the team". For this reason, we've created a training event we call Pacesetters. At the rank of Double Platinum, we award our affiliates with a trip to Las Vegas to learn from our "best of the best" on what it takes and what it means to reach that next level... Diamond!

Viva Las Vegas! Where Diamonds are made...

The bright lights and big city of Las Vegas set the stage for GanoLife's semi-annual Pacesetters Club. Affiliates reaching the commendable rank of Double Platinum are sent on a weekend getaway to rub shoulders and learn from our proven leadership team. This intimately immersive training has one goal to accomplish... getting our Double Platinums to that next tier in leadership and financial freedom. We call this Diamond level. Our Diamond leaders are the lifeblood of our company and represent the true "leaders" that set the pace of our expanding opportunity.

The training has been applauded as undeniably the motivation and know-how that has catapulted so many of our emerging leaders to the coveted rank of Diamond. But... what would a trip to Las Vegas be without a little bit of fun? In addition to the knowledge you gain at Pacesetters, there's a healthy amount of socializing and experiencing one another on a more casual and light-hearted side. Corporate executives along with numerous senior-ranking field leaders are there, at your disposal... to learn from, and truly get to know on a personal level.

Will you be at the next Pacesetters?